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Introduction, "Resep Masakan Indonesia" Cooking Is My Favorite

Introduction, Cooking Is My Favorite Resep Masakan Indonesia - Cooking is an activity of preparing food to be eaten by heating on foodstuffs that these foods can be consumed. Cooking consists of a variety of methods, techniques, equipment, and a combination of herbs to regulate food taste make it easier to digest and convert food in terms of color, appearance, flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional value. "JuraganResep.Com"

Cooking in general is the preparation and the process of selecting, set the quantity and mix of food in a certain order with the aim to obtain the desired results. Heating the food is generally, though not always, the food material changes chemically, resulting in a change in taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value.

Common cooking method

  • To know the full understanding of cooking, methods or techniques used in cooking.
  • Frying, which process food by inserting food into the hot oil.
  • Boiling, namely food processing by soaking or cooking in hot water.
  • Steaming, which cooks with water vapor and using tools such as steamer, steamer, pan, and others.
  • Sauteing, are cooked with a bit of oil refined and added a little liquid so little soupy / wet.
  • Burning, namely cooking directly over the coals, usually this technique is called grilling.
  • Roasting oven (bake), which cooks food by entering into a combustion appliance such as ovens and ovens mikrogelombang and antennas.
  • Roasting, ie cooking in a frying pan without water and cooking oil, but directly touched with a frying pan, there is also using sand media for roasting.

The above techniques only partially, in general, how many ways of cooking techniques such as bloat, teams, disangan and others.

The differences that exist across the world in the cooking method reflecting factors of social, economic, religious, agricultural, cultural, and aesthetic influence.

Recipes is an arrangement of instructions or algorithm that shows how to make a dish.

Components recipe on Resep Masakan Indonesia

In the recipe there are some components that portion should be written and some are not to be written. Components recipe that usually there is

The name cooking; Appropriation type of cuisine such as "for people with diabetes or for the diet"
Composition or material with quantity
  • The tools required
  • How to cook
  • Long cooking time
  • number of servings
  • Estimates of the number of calories
  • nutrient levels
  • Resilience of food and storage

Sometimes, the tools required are not written directly but rather on the part of Cooking. Examples Beat the eggs and pour into the frying pan preheated means we need eggbeater, frying pan and stove.

Resep Masakan Indonesia - In ancient times, and recipes are also circulated by means of oral so some parts of the above are also missing and sometimes cause variations in cooking. Some people also just use the recipes as a reference and he gave himself such variations in composition and how to cook as well as a complement.

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